Under engineering insurances, we have available a whole array of policies from which you may choose from. These include:-

Boiler & Pressure Plant Insurance This policy affords owners of the boiler/ pressure plant protection against
* Damage to the boilers and/or pressure vessels<
* Damage to the surrounding property of the insured
* Liability of the insured by law to any third party on account of
     a. death or bodily injury
     b. damage to property (not held in trust or in commission) caused by and solely due to explosion or collapse occurring in the course of ordinary working.

Electronic Equipment Insurance
This policy provides owners and or financiers with a cover against unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from fire and allied perils breakdown, short circuiting etc to equipment such as Computers, Medical, Bio-Medical, Micro Processors, Audio-visual equipment etc.

LOP following Machinery Breakdown/BPI/EEQ
The policy indemnifies the insured for loss of profits and/or additional expenses incurred following the loss or damage to the insured machinery caused by an insured peril.

Thermal Risks and Machinery Loss of Profit
This policy covers the continuing business expenses (standing charges), salaries and wages arising from Thermal Risks affecting the Machinery and Equipment of the insured. It may be extended to cover the net profit and increase in cost of working.
This list is not exhaustive, whatever you needs are, let us help you today.